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Everything You Need to Lose Weight in One Place.

  • MyPlate Calorie Tracker with Simple One-Click TrackingTM
  • Stronger, Workout Program with Celebrity Trainer Nicky Holender
  • Daily Motivations and Tips
  • Personalized Meal Plans from Nutritionist Keri Glassman
  • Daily Nutrition Charts, Graphs and Goals
  • Great Community Support
  • Much, Much More!

Get Stronger with 30 Minute Premium High Intensity Workouts

Stronger burns a maximum number of calories in the shortest time possible
with intense and fun 30 minute workouts. Led by celebrity trainer
Nicky Holender, each workout emphasizes a different aspect of exercise,

  • High-intensity Interval Training
  • Plyometrics
  • Strength Training
  • Nicky's Signature Series
  • Recovery
Warning: these workouts are not easy! Stronger is a challenge that requires your commitment and dedication. Are you ready for it? As Nicky likes
to say, 'You can and you will.'

The Power of MyPlate - Graphs, Charts, and More

MyPlate is not just tracking calories - it is getting smart about your diet and nutrition. Want to know exactly how much sodium you consumed today? Cholesterol? Sugar? Calcium? MyPlate's daily nutrition charts and graphs
give you everything you need to know.

You get:
  • Daily Nutrition Charts
  • Custom Weight and Nutrient Goals
  • Daily Caloric Breakdown - Fat, Protein, Carbs
  • Export and Print your Data for visits to your physician
  • Net Calories by Day, Week, and more

Personalized, Great Tasting Meal Plans

Created by nutritionist Keri Glassman, MyPlate's meal plans consist
of simple easy to prepare meals that give you the low calories you
need but still taste great. You'll get:

  • Personalized meals tailored to your calorie and weight-loss goals
  • 4 eating options: omnivore, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free
  • Hundreds of delicious recipes
  • Weekly shopping lists

Great Motivation and Support!

There is nothing better than the support of someone who has
been through or is going through the same experiences.
MyPlate's community is filled with supporters and led by Guides
who know how it feels and what it takes to lose weight. Everyone
stumbles and you will need help to keep you on track. With
Stronger, you also get great daily motivations from Nicky Holender
that push you on towards reaching your goals

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